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Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning in Upper Darby

Welcome the spring to breath in your home by cleaning the mishmash of winter. As the flowers bloom now, it is the time to open the doors which are Longley closed to get your house warm. It is kind of an intense task of deep cleaning and organizing your home to embrace the freshness of spring. You can get our spring cleaning services in Upper Darby to share the load of wiping out and sanitizing your home from the mess of winter’s stuff.

Seasonal cleaning has a paramount significance to keep your home clean, disinfect, and healthy to live in. Our made services help you to get rid of the clutter, germs & microbes from the dark and covered corners of your house. You will get a light, fresh and happy look of your house and your routine tasks will be easier by the colligated and manageable setting of your house.

We will offer you the spring cleaning in Upper Darby as following;

All-room cleaning

  • Vacuum all the carpeted area
  • Dust off ceiling fans & light fixtures
  • Mop the floor & walls
  • Clean the door & window sills
  • Launder the curtains & drapes
  • Disinfect the door knobs, handles & switches
  • Clean the cobwebs & wall hangings
  • Dust all the furniture and blinds
  • Change the bedsheets & pillow covers
  • Purge everything under the bed

Kitchen cleaning

  • Clean out the pantry
  • Scrub shelves & stove top
  • Wash out the slabs
  • Clean the cabinets
  • Rinse out the refrigerator inside and wash outside
  • Decontaminate the stove & oven
  • Clear the dark corners behind the fridge
  • Declutter the cabinet & fridge top
  • Sanitize the sink and dishwasher

Bathroom cleaning

  • Wash out all the counter tops
  • Disinfect all the taps, tub and showers
  • Organize all the closets & cabinets
  • Dispose the old toiletries
  • Scratch the pale off tiles and toilet
  • Wash out the floor mats

Smaller area and lounge cleaning

  • Dust furniture & decorative items
  • Shine the mirrors and frames
  • Clean the wallpaper
  • Clean the computer, laptop, T.V etc.
  • Mop the smudge & dirty spots of floor
  • Vacuum the carpet & curtains
  • Launder the cushion and sofa covers

Out-door cleaning

  • Pressure wash the outdoor furniture
  • Wash the outdoor windows and gate
  • Mop the garage

A clean and disinfected house is indispensable for a healthy and happy life. Here we offer you, the affordable and manageable packages to help you for the cleaning services to get a new and fresh look of your house. The easiest trick is, just pick up your phone and dial our number to get the quick and trustworthy spring cleaning service in Upper Darby.

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