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New Construction

New Construction Cleaning in Upper Darby

Are you constructed or renovated your house? There will be a great mess and mishmash of brick & stone pieces, drywall and sawdust. It is so damaging and destructive for your newly build house. You can appoint a team of cleaners for your post-constructed house or apartment. We provide our best services for new construction cleaning in Upper Darby.

A post-constructed place requires a detailed top to bottom and inside to outside cleaning with special equipment and tools. (floor polishing machine, wet and dry vacuum and other commercial gadgetry etc.) We put forward our cleaning services to fulfil your requirements in your renovated or constructed house.

It considered as routine cleaning as vacuuming, mopping, dusting and washing. But when it starts it will not be an easy task to go through as there will be a lot of litter, dirt, dust and smudge everywhere.

Comfortability with our post construction cleaning crew.

  • They will handle the damaging material as nails, screws, wood peel & glass shards without any injury.
  • They wipe out the walls from dirt, smudge and spots.
  • They manage the squall of dust which causes the breathing issues.
  • They will power wash the window sills and frames.
  • They use the professional tools and equipment to get the quick, apt and consummate results.
  • They will wipe out all the blemish stains from the cabinet doors, windows and counter tops.
  • They cleanse out all the appliances, cabinets & shelves.
  • They vacuum all the floor after collecting the main clutter then wash and polish it.
  • They dust (wet and dry) ceiling fans, light fixtures, frames and hangings.
  • They clean the ceiling and all the dark corners from dust that is settled down.
  • They leave no paint spatters and unremoved blotch.
  • They pay extra attention to the exterior space and garage to rinse it up.
  • They cast-off all the debris and litter.
  • Finally, they sanitize and disinfect all the surfaces to make it germs free and safe to live in.

Our professional and trained crew for new construction cleaning in Upper Darby is well aware of the top notched areas that is in need of deep and detailed cleaning. You just assign this tricky task of post-constructional cleaning to our staff and just wait for a fresh, tidy, organized, spike and span look of your new build up house.

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